Информационный стоматологический портал МЕДЕНТА.
Стоматологическое оборудование, инструменты, материалы для реставрации и пломбирования зубов. Все для стоматологии: оптом и в розницу.

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MEDENTA ltd. -

wide assortment of the dental products

Medenta ltd. - is one of the largest suppliers of dental equipment and dental instruments and materials of the Premium class in Russia.
With over fifteen years experience in sourcing supplies globally Medenta ltd. offers a wide variety of high quality products at competitive prices.

Our online catalogue allows clients to find and source a complete range of dental equipment from consumables and instruments to specialist high-technology equipment.

The Medenta ltd. product selection is the result of meticulous research into dental products guided by rigorous selection principles of quality, affordability and innovation.

Medenta ltd. is also proud to announce that it was a pioneer in promoting innovative root canal Ni-Ti instruments to the Russian market and is now the biggest distributor of root canal treatment products in Russia including products from the acknowledged leader in this field - Dentsply Inc.

Modern dentistry, as a specialist and rapidly changing medical discipline demands that practitioners adopt new technologies, instruments and materials.

To help to clients incorporate these new technologies and materials in dentistry our Dental Educational Center “BioSun TMC” ltd. can deliver customized training.
Simply visit  www.biosun.ru for more information.

Best wishes to present and future partners from Medenta ltd., your trusted supplier of dental equipment, instruments and materials.

EUR 1.00 = 77.71 руб
$ 1.00 = 68.21 руб

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